Penelope's Corner Fundraiser
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Answer: Benefits of the Penelope’s Corner fundraiser are bountiful. There is:

  • No Selling.
  • No Pressure.
  • No Minimum Sales.
  • No Sorting.
  • No Collecting Money.
  • No Taking Orders.
  • No Work.
  • You will receive a spending report and a check for 12% of all items purchased by your members during that particular time period every 90 days.
  • Fun merchandise promotes reading, learning, kindness, Respect, self-confidence, sharing, friendship.
  • Orders will be sent directly to the customers for a flat-rate shipping charge of $3.50 on all orders.
  • Custom and personalized products are available for purchase.
  • Earn free books for your library.
  • New products added regularly.

Answer: Simply sign up with our fundraiser and your organization will receive a free set of books with your first check issued of $75 or more. Every time a new Penelope publication is released, we will automatically send the new book to your organization as long as your status is active and your last check was greater than $50.

Answer: Aside from good quality products at low prices, Penelope’s Corner offers free bookmarks, pencils and stickers to anyone who writes in with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. No purchase necessary, Also, with parent or guardian permission, kids can sign up for our Birthday Club. They will receive a celebratory birthday card from one or all of the characters along with a wearable birthday sticker - Again, no purchase necessary.

Answer: No. There is no reward system. Each order gets a surprise inside. That’s Penelope’s Corner’s way of thanking our customers and letting them know we appreciate them.

Answer: You need to register your organization on our website to participate. Simply log on to Click on the “Fun Stuff” link where you will find a link to register under the Fundraiser section. Or, just click here!

Answer: You will be issued a “fundraiser code” in a welcome e-mail that you will receive within two business days of registering. That e-mail will also contain an attachment PDF that you can e-mail, print or add to your web page to help announce the fundraiser to your families/members.

Answer: You give each participant the issued fundraiser code and our website address. For convenience, you can also put our link on your website so anyone can join your fundraiser. Encourage your participants to share the code with family, friends and co-workers to expand your base of shoppers. Simply log on to and select the desired items. During the checkout process, your participant will be asked for a fundraiser code that he /she can input. This will alert the system that there is a discounted shipping code in addition to a percentage of the cost of items purchased are then designated to be paid to your organization.

Answer: A spending report and check will be distributed to your organization thirty days after your first order is placed. At that time, your free books will be sent to your organization if you qualify. You will receive 12% of all items ordered using your fundraising code. After that initial payment, Penelope’s Corner will send a report of purchases along with a check to your organization with our regular payment cycle.

Answer: Checks will be issued and mailed every:

  • February 10th for purchases made through January 31st.
  • May 10th for purchases made through April 30th.
  • August 10th for purchases made through July 31st.
  • October 10th for purchases made through September 30th.

Answer: Nothing. The fundraiser will go on year-round continuously. It will only be rescinded if the fundraiser program ceases to exist or if your organization cancels the registration.

Answer: Simply send an e-mail request to cancel. You will receive your final check within thirty days of terminating your contract.

Answer: Absolutely not. Penelope’s Corner is an independent corporation and does not share anyone’s information with any other company.